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Social Innovation in Health and Social Care: State-of-the-Art Summary

The state-of-the-art report provides a policy field specific study on social innovation and the related governance system. It addresses recent challenges, corresponding practice fields of social innovation as well as illustrating social innovation projects. Thereby, the European, national and global level will be taken into account. This document is a summary of the first draft... Find out more

NHS Arden Commissioning Support

The Young Foundation joined forces with the NHS Arden Commissioning Support Unit in the West Midlands this year to develop and support local social ventures with an interest in solving some of the most intractable health problems such as obesity, long term conditions, supporting frail elderly, reducing inequalities in health.  There was no shortage of... Find out more

Zoe and Hasan: The potential and impact of Health and Wellbeing Boards

November 2012

The story of Zoe and Hasan aims to highlight the potential of Health and Wellbeing boards. Showing some of the many different factors which influence our health and wellbeing, it also talks of the different external interventions and personal resilience that can help to boost it. Their story is based on interviews with families across... Find out more

Move It: increasing young people’s participation in sport

October 2012

Will Norman

Summer 2012 was the UK’s summer of sport. Millions watched the European football championships, followed by Wimbledon, the test match cricket with the West Indies and South Africa and, of course, the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our enthusiasm for watching sport seems to know no bounds. The problem is that we sit at home watching... Find out more