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Making Good our Future: Exploring the Boundaries of Open and Social Innovation in Manufacturing

As part of the  Social Innovation Europe initiative, the European Commission has published a policy paper, ‘Making Good Our Future’  by the Young Foundation’s Indy Johar, Filippo Addarii and Fiorenza Lipparini. The paper explores the intersection between social innovation, open source ICT,  the maker movement and corporate citizenship. The paper explores the potential for social... Find out more

Spreading Social Innovations – A case study report

January 2015

The question of how and why innovations spread has been a major topic of study within social sciences over the last 50 years and is one which remains highly relevant today. In this report, we have used a case study approach to explore in more depth what the spread of social innovations looks like in... Find out more

Growing Social Innovation: A guide for policy makers

January 2015

, Anna Davies, , , Victoria Boelman

The international community increasingly recognises the need for new approaches to address our most pressing social challenges. In order to stimulate  innovation, this report suggests a number of approaches which policy makers can take, drawing on examples taken from around the world. The report draws on the work and findings of the TEPSIE project, a research project funded under the European Commission’s... Find out more

Social Innovation Theory and Research: A guide for researchers

December 2014

The field of social innovation and social innovation research is developing rapidly.  This short report builds on the work of TEPSIE, a research project funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme and which is an acronym for “The Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Foundations for Building Social Innovation in Europe”. It provides an overview of TEPSIE’s main findings... Find out more

A Reflection on Social Innovation in Colombia

Six Colombia Report_ScreenIn 2013, The Young Foundation and the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) were commissioned by the national Colombian Centre for Social Innovation of ANSPE (National Agency to Overcome Extreme Poverty) to design and run a series of events on Social Innovation with a range of stakeholders.  This project was supported by Compartamos con Colombia and the... Find out more

The Task of the Social Innovation Movement: Roberto Magabeira Unger’s Keynote Speech from Social Frontiers 2013

December 2013

As part of our TEPSIE project, we organised the Social Frontiers Research Conference in collaboration with Nesta, The Rockefeller Foundation and Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). The conference took place at Glasgow Caledonian University London campus in Shoreditch, East London on the 14 and 15 of November 2013. Over the two days, Social Frontiers brought together 120... Find out more

Growing Social Ventures cover (2011)

Growing Social Ventures

Britain’s history is full of examples of forward-thinking co-ops, charities, mutuals as well as profitable businesses that have pioneered innovative ways to tackle social needs. From the rich activity of socially oriented businesses and charities in the 19th century, to forerunners of the ethical business movement like the Body Shop, and an estimated £24bn social... Find out more

How to Grow Social Innovation

September 2013

Anna Davies,

How to grow social innovation: A review and critique of scaling and diffusion for understanding the growth of social innovation. Paper presented to the 5th International Social Innovation Research Conference, 2-4 September, 2013, Oxford.  

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