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Being Seen, Being Heard: promoting emotional wellbeing for children and young people

This document sets out research and recommendations for a school-based approach to promote emotional wellbeing amongst children and young people in Buckinghamshire. It focuses on supporting schools and local agencies to promote mental health interventions to boost mental wellbeing of children and young people and reduce the likelihood of poor mental health outcomes.

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WARM paradox

The wellbeing and resilience paradox

September 2012

Nicola Bacon, Nina Mguni

Wellbeing and resilience are linked: over time the quality of anyone’s life will depend on a certain amount of mental toughness. But are wellbeing and resilience two sides of the same coin or is it possible to be resilient but have low levels of wellbeing? If so, what characteristics are likely to lead to low... Find out more

Better Places to Grow Old

July 2012

“I didn’t want to be sat at home doing nothing. I wanted my voice to be heard.” – Ahmed Better Places to Grow Old from The Young Foundation on Vimeo. The Young Foundation was part of a group of beneficiaries who received funding from the Local Government Association as part of its 2 year Ageing... Find out more

Care4Care Overview

May 2012

Peter Gerry

Life expectancy in the UK is increasing at more than five hours a day, every day. Improvements in the diagnosis and treatments of diseases as well as changes in areas such as diet, housing, sanitation and education have all contributed to the doubling of lifespans in much of the world over the past 150 years.... Find out more

Review of Innovation in the NHS

December 2011

Peter Gerry, Sylvia Wyatt

NHS Chief Executive’s Review of Innovation in the NHS Summary of the responses to the Call for Evidence and Ideas. In June 2011, the Department of Health issued a Call for Evidence and Ideas about how the adoption and diffusion of innovations can be accelerated across the NHS. This was part of the NHS Chief... Find out more

Good Days Bad Days cover

Good days & bad days: stories of ageing in the community

The demographics, statistics and predicted trends surrounding ageing can make fascinating, and sometimes alarming, reading. However, all too often researchers, policy-makers, and service providers can become transfixed by the numbers and lose sight of the individual experiences of the people behind the statistics. This new Young Foundation report, funded by the Big Lottery Fund (BLF),... Find out more

Charlie and Marie: A tale of ageing

September 2011

As part of the Young Foundation’s Ageing Well Innovation Series we worked to visualise older people’s journeys in life from the age of 60 onwards. In particular we have been looking at significant events in the lives of older people, such as retirement, or a stay in hospital, and how they interact with different services... Find out more

How to Guides

This series of guides is designed to help funders and project leads to set up and sustain innovative projects across the NHS. The How to Guides draw together the material on supporting health innovation which the Young Foundation has been delivering and refining as part of its support for the Regional Innovation Funds (RIFs). The... Find out more