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Scoping a Quality Framework for Youth Social Action

June 2013

Young people who take part in social action, or “practical action in the service of others”, deserve to have the knowledge, skills and experience they develop recognised and valued. As such, in the summer of 2012 the Prime Minister announced an independent review into youth social action, conducted by Dame Julia Cleverdon and Amanda Jordan... Find out more

Social investment in Education COVER

Social Investment in Education

A public educational system, free at the point of use, should be our greatest tool for delivering equality of opportunity. But this is not happening. When pupils from poorer backgrounds enter the education system they are already behind their peers. Instead of catching up at primary and secondary school, this gap widens as they progress through their school career... Find out more

Social Investment – An introduction for voluntary youth sector organisations

This animation is here to give voluntary youth sector organisations a clear and simple introduction to social investment.   It aims to demystify the topic, and clearly set out how people and organisations can best access and use social investment.  It introduces the viewer to the wider research and learning available on the subject from The Young Foundation and our networks.... Find out more

Let’s talk about Stop and Search

Relationships between young people and the police can be tense and are often exacerbated by difficult stop and search encounters. Stop and search procedures are one of the key touch points between police and young people and most understand the need for the policy. Yet many young people remain unsure of how it should be... Find out more

Eyes on the Horizon, Feet on the Ground: A Journey to find Humanitarian Education Outcomes

This cartoon was created as part of the Catalyst Consortium’s report “Noticing the Change.” This report contains an overview of the process and learning undertaken by three youth organisations which agreed to pilot an outcomes approach in their work with young people, as set out in The Young Foundation’s 2012 report “A Framework of Outcomes... Find out more