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Connect - Patients and the Power of Data cover (March 2011)

Connect: Patients and the Power of Data

Information is the lifeblood of high quality healthcare. There have been huge technological advances about how it can be used and by whom, which have been under utilised by the NHS. It is now possible to give people control over their own data. If this were done, it would have the potential to revolutionise healthcare... Find out more

Social Impact Bonds in Health

October 2010

John Loder

Social Impact Bonds are a potentially very powerful instrument for creating change and improvement. This short paper describes the basic structure of social impact bonds, why they might be useful for the public sector, and some of the issues that need to be considered for implementation. Download a full pdf of the paper.

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Innovations in Health: Approaches from the Regional Innovation Funds

Public services are currently facing an unprecedented set of challenges, and three main factors in combination define a new era. Firstly, ever-increasing demands from the public about what public services should deliver, for example continually-rising expectations around health services (for new drugs, greater accessibility of services etc). Secondly, long-term challenges are becoming more pressing and... Find out more

Full of Life (Video)

March 2010

Full of Life was a Young Foundation peer-to-peer community based project to promote emotional resilience skills for older people in Kingston and Lambeth. Full of Life – Emotional resilience skills for older people from The Young Foundation on Vimeo. The project, funded by Comic Relief, developed and piloted a service to improve the wellbeing and... Find out more

Emotional Resilience for gangs

March 2010

Emotional Resilience for gangs from The Young Foundation on Vimeo. The Young Foundation was commissioned by Harrow Metropolitan Police to develop and pilot an emotional resilience programme targeting 14 -19 year olds who are offending or at risk of offending. Building on our successful training and delivery of the UK Resiliency Project in 24 secondary... Find out more

Going green and beating the blues

All over the world communities are grappling with two different agendas: on the one hand how to make their areas environmentally sustainable; on the other how to promote the wellbeing of local residents. Sometimes these agendas reinforce each other. But sometimes they clash. This discussion paper explores ways in which local government can use practical... Find out more

Parenting and Wellbeing - knitting families together cover (September 2009)

Parenting and Wellbeing: knitting families together

Parenting and wellbeing: knitting families together argues that parenting support often fails because it ignores the wellbeing of parents themselves. The report draws on extensive national and international research, and a detailed investigation of parenting support in three very different parts of England: Hertfordshire, South Tyneside and Manchester. It recommends a range of approaches including... Find out more

Meet the parents - stories of teenage pregnancy and parenthood in Lewisham cover (2009)

Meet the parents: stories of teenage pregnancy and parenthood in Lewisham

The Young Foundation was commissioned by the London Borough of Lewisham to look at how perceptions and expectations of young people in the borough impacted on teenage pregnancy. We carried out detailed ethnographic studies to capture the experiences of young people over a typical day, held focus groups and one-to-one interviews with young people, and... Find out more