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A Reflection on Social Innovation in Colombia

Six Colombia Report_ScreenIn 2013, The Young Foundation and the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) were commissioned by the national Colombian Centre for Social Innovation of ANSPE (National Agency to Overcome Extreme Poverty) to design and run a series of events on Social Innovation with a range of stakeholders.  This project was supported by Compartamos con Colombia and the... Find out more

The Task of the Social Innovation Movement: Roberto Magabeira Unger’s Keynote Speech from Social Frontiers 2013

December 2013

As part of our TEPSIE project, we organised the Social Frontiers Research Conference in collaboration with Nesta, The Rockefeller Foundation and Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). The conference took place at Glasgow Caledonian University London campus in Shoreditch, East London on the 14 and 15 of November 2013. Over the two days, Social Frontiers brought together 120... Find out more

Migrant Labour (Podcast)

October 2013

This podcast is a recording of the panel discussion “Migrant Labour: How housing associations and migrant entrepreneurs are improving 21st century Britain” held at RichMix near Brick Lane on Wednesday, 23 October 2013. The panel was opened by Paul Birtill of the Metropolitan Migration Foundation. The panel was chaired by Ravi Mattu (FT), and featured... Find out more

Keeping in Touch with our Roots: The case for housing associations to build closer links with social enterprises

October 2013

The history of housing associations is rooted in supporting the most vulnerable in society. As their reach has expanded, the challenge has been to stay connected to the communities they serve. Social enterprise and entrepreneurship offers a route for housing associations to strengthen the relationship with these communities; creating new enterprises, providing jobs for the... Find out more

Managing the Unmanageable (Podcast)

This podcast is a recording of the seminar “Managing the Unmanageable” held at The Young Foundation on Thursday, 11 July 2013. Alexander Stevenson, author of the book of the same title, discusses what is different about management in the public sector, why public sector managers are so often unfairly maligned, and what the private sector... Find out more

Scoping a Quality Framework for Youth Social Action

June 2013

Young people who take part in social action, or “practical action in the service of others”, deserve to have the knowledge, skills and experience they develop recognised and valued. As such, in the summer of 2012 the Prime Minister announced an independent review into youth social action, conducted by Dame Julia Cleverdon and Amanda Jordan... Find out more