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Receding Tide - Understanding unmet needs in a harsher economic climate COVER (January 2009)

Receding Tide: Understanding unmet needs in a harsher economic climate

This interim report warns of the hidden psychological dangers of the recession – unmet psychological needs. Much publicity surrounds the economic costs of the recession but these unmet psychological needs, such as loneliness, stress, frustration, feeling out of control, helpless, insecure and fearful are at least as widespread and corrosive in the UK as unmet... Find out more

Local Wellbeing: Can We Measure It?

The concept and language of wellbeing was first introduced at the local level through the Local Government Act 2000. The Act included a new power of wellbeing, providing local authorities with the power to do whatever they consider necessary to promote or improve the economic, social or environmental wellbeing of their area. Following this, useful... Find out more

Understanding neighbourliness and belonging

Understanding neighbourliness and belonging: A scoping paper for the Neighbourhood Action Network (published September 2008, updated in August 2010) In recent decades increased mobility, longer life expectancy, the breakdown of the extended family and an increasingly diverse and rapidly changing population have changed the way we live, and the extent to which we feel connected... Find out more

Neighbourliness + Empowerment = Wellbeing: Is there a formula for happy communities?

Is there a formula for happy communities? How does active citizenship contribute to the wellbeing of communities? This report, which is the first in a series of publications from the Local Wellbeing Project, tries to answer this question by investigating empowerment initiatives in three very different local authorities: Hertfordshire, Manchester and South Tyneside. The report... Find out more