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Good Days Bad Days cover

Good days & bad days: stories of ageing in the community

The demographics, statistics and predicted trends surrounding ageing can make fascinating, and sometimes alarming, reading. However, all too often researchers, policy-makers, and service providers can become transfixed by the numbers and lose sight of the individual experiences of the people behind the statistics. This new Young Foundation report, funded by the Big Lottery Fund (BLF),... Find out more

Mapping social networks to improve public service delivery

This presentation captures the findings from a project between Neighbourhood Management in King’s Lynn, the Young Foundation and Insight 1st, working with Netform social network analysis software. The aim of the project was to use social network analysis (SNA) to explore relationships between residents and public agencies delivering services in Fairstead, a priority neighbourhood management... Find out more

Building resilient communities

In Summer 2010, the Young Foundation worked with Wiltshire Council to develop new approaches to improve wellbeing and transform service delivery by removing the duplication that can arise where citizens interact with multiple agencies. The Young Foundation worked with community members, local service providers and vulnerable families in Bemerton Heath, a housing estate in Salisbury.... Find out more

Managing the risks of neighbourhood governance

August 2010

Saffron Woodcraft

This discussion paper puts forward a framework for managing the risks of neighbourhood governance: There are strong arguments in support of neighbourhoods being given the powers to act on very local issues, to control local liveability services and community assets, and to influence decisions about a much wider range of issues and mainstream services. Citizen... Find out more

Why do some people get involved? How to encourage local activism and help communities to self-organise

This paper was produced as part of the Neighbourhood Futures programme, a partnership with six local authorities exploring the impact of the economic downturn on community empowerment and neighbourhood engagement. The programme ran between 2009 and 2010 involving the London Borough of Camden, the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, London Borough of... Find out more

How can neighbourhoods be understood and defined?

August 2010

This is a review of what is and is not known about neighbourhoods and communities. It starts to analyse the characteristics of neighbourhoods, including how they are defined and the role of the local public realm in bringing them together. It sketches some approaches, lessons and issues for community empowerment and governance, and frames questions... Find out more