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Signing on: Experiences of worklessness in Birmingham

This report maps the journeys of Birmingham residents seeking work in the second half of 2010 and reflecting on their experiences, makes recommendations for how employability support could be changed in the future – both to improve the rate of jobseekers finding work and to save the public purse money. The commissioners, Birmingham’s Working Neighbourhoods... Find out more

Plugged in, untapped: Using digital technologies to help young people learn to lead

September 2010

Maryanna Abdo, Sarah Hewes

Digital technologies can be powerful tools for empowering young people to lead positive social change. But these new resources are no magic bullet, and young people aren’t always the ‘digital natives’ they’re made out to be. While young people are plugged in to digital technologies, their talents remain largely untapped. ‘Plugged in, untapped’ explores the... Find out more

The Young Foundation and the Web: Digital Social Innovation

September 2010

Over 27 million Britons have a Facebook profile, 40 per cent of internet users upload self-created content to the web, and the same amount post messages to chat sites, blogs and newsgroups. Nearly a quarter of UK mobile phones users now have a Smartphone, with over 18 per cent using their devices to access social... Find out more

Opening Doors to Apprenticeships 2: Reflecting on ways forward

Opening Doors to Apprenticeships (Paper 2: Reflecting on ways forward) is the second of two linked publications, following on from Opening doors to Apprenticeships (Paper One: Setting the Scene). This new report considers the practical next steps that need to be taken in order to better understand disadvantage and/or disengagement from apprenticeships, to raise awareness,... Find out more

Emotional Resilience for gangs

March 2010

Emotional Resilience for gangs from The Young Foundation on Vimeo. The Young Foundation was commissioned by Harrow Metropolitan Police to develop and pilot an emotional resilience programme targeting 14 -19 year olds who are offending or at risk of offending. Building on our successful training and delivery of the UK Resiliency Project in 24 secondary... Find out more

Opening the doors to apprenticeships

Opening the door to apprenticeships is the first of two linked publications. This first report investigates the scale of the issues faced by young people who are disadvantaged and disengaged from apprenticeships in accessing and succeeding in these opportunities. The second report will look at potential solutions to enable more effective policy and practice responses.... Find out more

State of Happiness cover (January 2010)

The State of Happiness

The State of Happiness brings together four years of groundbreaking work based on in-depth pilots – from teaching resilience to children in schools to promoting neighbourliness – with three councils in very different areas of the country: Manchester, Hertfordshire and South Tyneside. This report from the Young Foundation and Local Government and Improvement highlights that... Find out more

Weathering the storm – Negotiating Transitions in Britain Today

January 2010

Beth Watts

This report looks at how people manage difficult and traumatic transitions. For some transitions such as leaving prison or care, unemployment or the end of a relationship can trigger a positive change. For others a difficult transition can undermine and destabilise lives, leaving people struggling to adjust to a new situation. By analysing the experiences... Find out more

Helping or Hindering - Meeting Young People's Needs in Bedford cover (January 2010)

Helping or Hindering – Meeting Young People’s Needs in Bedford

January 2010

Dan Vale

This report looks at the needs of young people in Bedford, particularly focusing on how those who are not in education, employment or training seek assistance and access services. It identifies the lack of skills, opportunities, and qualifications as being common barriers for young people entering the labour market. But it also shows the importance... Find out more