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Escape from the Titanic

March 2008

Anton Shelupanov

The British criminal justice system is failing by many measures. Costs are rising as is the prison population. The sheer pressure on the system is making it hard to introduce long overdue reforms. As a result recidivism rates remain high and public confidence remains low. Ahead of a likely squeeze on public spending over the... Find out more

The Collaborative City: Future Trends

March 2008

This report accompanies the main London Collaborative report The Collaborative City, and offers an overview of the evidence used to develop our six scenarios of the future of London, and to provide vital input into our analysis of the challenges facing the capital. The London Collaborative was a partnership led by the Young Foundation, in... Find out more

The Collaborative City: Working together to shape London’s future

March 2008

The London Collaborative was a partnership led by the Young Foundation, in association with the Office for Public Management (OPM) and Common Purpose. The report was designed to stimulate future thinking among all of us who care about London’s future and who recognise the critical role of London’s public services in what that future might bring. Its... Find out more

How to develop a local charter: A guide for local authorities

January 2008

Vicki Sellick

This Young Foundation guide was launched by Hazel Blears MP, the then Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, at the Annual New Local Government Network (NGLN) conference. To view Hazel Blears’ speech click here. The guide, commissioned and published by the Department of Communities and Local Government, draws together the rationale for developing... Find out more

Making the most of local innovations

‘Making the most of local innovations – What makes places innovative and how local innovations can be best exploited’ is an interim report introducing the Young Foundation-NESTA research project about local social innovation and what makes places innovative. This report investigates the factors that make certain localities innovate in meeting social needs and why some... Find out more

Improving Small Scale Grant Funding

July 2007

, Louisa Thomson

A discussion paper, supported by The Office for Civil Society (previously referred to as The Office of the Third Sector at the time this publication was released), that brings together both domestic and international evidence to guide decisions on how financial support should best be provided to local, voluntary and community organisations. Download a full... Find out more

Good Neighbours

The 2006 white paper Strong and Prosperous Communities outlined central government’s commitment to localism and community empowerment. At the time, many housing associations were not working in close collaboration with local authorities and Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs) despite the benefits this would bring. The Young Foundation was commissioned by the Housing Corporation to investigate the role... Find out more