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A nod is as good as a wink

The U is interested in people and in the ways they get along with each other. At the same time, this organisation seeks to promote a low-key vision of community relations, much less high-energy than the schemes promoting asset transfer, citizens’ councils, allotment cooperatives or mutual pub ownership.  We call it a nod and a wink, and... Find out more

Review of Innovation in the NHS

December 2011

Peter Gerry, Sylvia Wyatt

NHS Chief Executive’s Review of Innovation in the NHS Summary of the responses to the Call for Evidence and Ideas. In June 2011, the Department of Health issued a Call for Evidence and Ideas about how the adoption and diffusion of innovations can be accelerated across the NHS. This was part of the NHS Chief... Find out more

Innovation for the Public Good: The Five Keys to Innovation

October 2011

Vicki Sellick

Ask a passerby to name an innovative organisation and a familiar list soon appears: Apple, 3M, Google, eBay, etc. Less known are the innovative agencies in the public sector focused on finding new and better ways to tackle social issues such as crime, poverty, and educational underachievement. Vicki Sellick writes the latest installment of a... Find out more

Growing interest? Mapping the market for social finance in the youth sector

The 11,000 organisations that comprise the voluntary and community youth sector (VCYS) are under unprecedented pressure. This report considers the potential for social finance to not only address under-capitalisation, but also to grow the capacity and entrepreneurialism of the sector. Findings are based on a survey of nearly 100 leaders in youth sector charities and... Find out more

Study on Social Innovation for the Bureau of European Policy Advisors

“The financial and economic crisis makes creativity and innovation in general and social innovation in particular even more important to foster sustainable growth, secure jobs and boost competitiveness.” José Manuel Barroso, BEPA Workshop on ‘Europe and Social Innovation’ 20th January 2009. This paper sets out the current position, policies, programmes and future options for promoting... Find out more