Positioning Peer Research in a Policy Context

Following on from our Peer Research in the UK report, we are delighted to be sharing our companion piece: Peer Research in a Policy Context, commissioned by The Open University.

With increasing interest towards evidence-based policy, comes a greater understanding of the value in using the experience and perspectives of people directly affected by social challenges. Local government and service providers are acknowledging the enhanced effectiveness of public policy when involving those with lived experience – or ‘experts by experience’ – to generate what works for communities and what they need.

Using urban and youth policy case studies, this report focuses on peer research and co-production through citizen engagement as two method examples highlighting how such data has positively influenced policy outcomes. It also raises concerns of missing gaps in good models that may hinder credibility.

You can read the report in full here.

If you’d like to discuss the report in further detail or hear about our Peer Research Network, you can drop the team a note at peerresearch@youngfoundation.org.