A Review of the Private Rented Sector in England: Vulnerability and Innovation

Published: August 2017 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Amanda Hill-Dixon, Will Jamieson

We are currently experiencing a major crisis in our housing system. England has the oldest housing stock in Europe as well as the slowest construction rates in the long and short-term. Our sluggish rate of housebuilding has inflated the cost of housing, both for aspiring homeowners, and those renting in the private sector.

This review provides an overview of the private rented sector (PRS) in England. It outlines the vulnerabilities, compounded and created by it, and the vulnerable groups within the PRS who are most at risk. It also explores some of the barriers and enablers to innovation in the PRS. This review is part of our Reimagining Rent programme which is supporting housing innovations that focus on one of the many issues exacerbated by the PRS, including insecurity, cost, quality, and choice.


Reimagining Rent: Housing Accelerator


The challenge The failure of the housing system in the UK is widespread. Poverty among renters has doubled in the ... Find out more