Realising Ambition Programme Insights: Issue 10 and Confidence Framework

Published: July 2017 Publication Type: Publication

An Ambition Realised? Our learning and launch of the Confidence Framework

Realising Ambition is delighted its tenth and penultimate Programme Insight, one of a series of short briefings sharing key learning from the programme, as well as the launch of its Confidence Framework.

The Realising Ambition Consortium, of which The Young Foundation is a part, have always encouraged generosity and honesty in relation to sharing learning. We have long argued that evidence and learning should support reflection and improvement within organisations, as well as across the wider sector. And generously sharing learning means sharing successes, challenges, and failures. It is in this spirit that the Programme Insight series has been written and that this issue, which summarises our learning is presented. As such we also reflect on how we as a delivery consortium have done things differently, with the benefit of hindsight.

Programme Insight 10 gives a summary of our learning in 25 points grouped into 5 categories. We think these will be of most interest to funders and delivery organisations, and anyone interested in large-scale efforts to improve children’s outcomes.

Key learnings points are offered on:

  • Learning about replication and scale
  • Building confidence in a service or activity
  • Building confidence in an organisation
  • Understanding and adapting to new and challenging contexts
  • Developing, sharing and building on learning.

The Confidence Framework

We have also produced a Confidence Framework which has been designed to help service delivery organisations identify areas of strength and areas for improvement within both the service they deliver and the organisation itself.

The framework covers five dimensions – Design, Delivery, Monitor, Determine Benefit and Sustain – each containing four indicators, that together set out all the necessary ingredients for a service that delivers impact at scale.

First, you will be taken through the Rapid Review – this is a short exercise, where you will be asked to rate your degree of confidence that your organisation and service meet each of the indicators at first glance.

The Comprehensive Review is a more considered exercise – you will be asked to justify your rating and consider the evidence behind it.

The result will be a framework that clearly sets outs where the strengths and weaknesses lie in the delivery of your service.

About Realising Ambition and our Programme Insights series:

Realising Ambition is a £25m Big Lottery Fund programme supporting 22 organisations across the UK to replicate services aimed at preventing youth offending. Our Insights are designed to support anyone undertaking or commissioning services with a focus on replication and evidence.

The Realising Ambition programme is managed by a consortium committed to improving outcomes for children. It is led by Catch22, alongside the Dartington Social Research Unit, Substance and The Young Foundation.

Join the conversation

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For further information please visit our Realising Ambition project page.

Realising Ambition

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