#refugeeswelcome in parks: a resource book

Published: December 2017 Publication Type: Publication

Do you work directly with refugees and asylum seekers? 

This resource book will share information on how the use of public space can help to facilitate wellbeing and inclusion, and offers ideas for supporting positive experiences.

Are you involved in the planning, design or management of parks (or other outdoor public spaces)?

This resource book gives an insight into the experiences of refugee and asylum seeker park users, highlights relevant barriers and expectations, and offers ideas for engagement and inclusion approaches.

Are you new in your city and eager to find out about initiatives and activities that you could join?

We hope that you can find some ideas for opportunities which are available in parks and other open spaces.

#refugeeswelcome in parks


Why refugees? Why parks? In urban contexts of increasing refugee new arrivals, this project investigates how parks ha ... Find out more