Social Innovation in Health and Social Care: Case Study Results

Published: December 2016 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Dr Charlotte Heales,

Health and social care is a policy field that is ripe for social innovation because of the significant problems being faced by health systems the world over and because of the significant differences between different health and social care contexts.

Health systems the world over are facing a number of serious constraints. World population has been ageing rapidly over the last 40 years and this rise is expected to continue. As positive improvements occur in life expectancy the burden of disease is going up. This is particularly true of non-communicable diseases. This shift in demographics also means that budgets available to tackle these issues are becoming tighter. As a result of this, it will be necessary to keep people healthier for longer and ensure that we find more effective and efficient ways of caring for older people.

This report summarizes and analyzes the case studies conducted in the policy field of Health and Social Care for the SI-DRIVE project.

The SI-DRIVE Project



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