Social Innovation in Health and Social Care: State-of-the-Art Summary

Published: August 2015 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Amy Kwan, Rachel Schon, Victoria Boelman

The state-of-the-art report provides a policy field specific study on social innovation and the related governance system. It addresses recent challenges, corresponding practice fields of social innovation as well as illustrating social innovation projects. Thereby, the European, national and global level will be taken into account.

This document is a summary of the first draft of the policy field report. It is intended to serve as a stimulus for public comment and debate on the issues it contains. With its emphasis on the (governance) context of social innovation in the policy field, this report is complementary to the SI-DRIVE mapping which asks for details of concrete social innovation practices and projects, as well as to the SI-DRIVE report on social innovation in the different world regions, which elaborates main strategies and distinctions of social innovations according to a global context.

This summary considers three complementary areas:

  1. How does the policy field’s European and global governance systems address specific challenges and what role does social innovation play?
  2. How do the challenges and the approaches of tackling them and the role of social innovation practice fields and projects differ across the countries? What can we learn regarding the relation between the context of social innovation and the nature of social innovation (drivers, barriers, scaling, stakeholders, bottom-up SI, policy-driven SI)?
  3. Which social innovation practice fields can be found at the European and global level? What are their characteristics?

Due to the iterative approach of SI-DRIVE, this report is an initial attempt to describe the policy field background and context for social innovation. Done by desk research and restricted to language constraints this report has to be seen as a starting point and a first overview mainly focusing on the countries of the involved partners. A second version will be further elaborated on the basis of the results of the first empirical phase (global mapping) and the regional reports, completing the missing countries and regions as well (beginning of 2016). A third and final version will be established after the second empirical phase of in-depth case studies at the end of the project (end of 2017).

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