Social Innovation Theory and Research: A guide for researchers

Published: December 2014 Publication Type: Publication

The field of social innovation and social innovation research is developing rapidly.  This short report builds on the work of TEPSIE, a research project funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme and which is an acronym for “The Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Foundations for Building Social Innovation in Europe”.

It provides an overview of TEPSIE’s main findings and identifies future areas for further research and exploration. It focuses on eight main areas of interest:

1. Overview of the system of social innovation
2. Measuring social innovation
3. Removing barriers to social innovation
4. Generating capital flow
5. Engaging the public
6. Knowing what works
7. Growing what works
8. Using online networks to maximum effect

This research project is a collaboration between the Danish Technological Institute, the Young Foundation, the Centre of Social Investment at the University of Heidelberg, Atlantis Consulting, EIT+  at Wroclaw University and the Catholic University of Portugal.


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