Spreading Social Innovations – A case study report

Published: January 2015 Publication Type: Publication

The question of how and why innovations spread has been a major topic of study within social sciences over the last 50 years and is one which remains highly relevant today.

In this report, we have used a case study approach to explore in more depth what the spread of social innovations looks like in contexts that go beyond organisation growth. The aim of this report is to explore the spread of social innovations where those innovations are new programmes, practices and organisational structures.

This work was carried out as part of the TEPSIE project. TEPSIE is a research project funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme and is an acronym for “The Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Foundations for Building Social Innovation in Europe”. This research project is a collaboration between the Danish Technological Institute, the Young Foundation, the Centre of Social Investment at the University of Heidelberg, Atlantis Consulting, EIT+  at Wroclaw University and the Catholic University of Portugal and runs from 2012-2015.