The Way to Work: Young People Speak Out on Transitions to Employment

Published: May 2011 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Bethia McNeil, Maryanna Abdo, Sarah Hewes, Will Norman

The world of work and transitions to adulthood and independence are in a state of flux. Young people negotiating their transitions to adulthood are faced with unprecedented choice and opportunity, but also far greater levels of uncertainty and risk.

The Way to Work looks at shifts in the labour market, the workplace and transitions to employment, highlighting the need for education and careers information, advice and guidance that responds to the changing needs of young people and the economy.

Drawing on the voices of young people, some of whom were involved in leading the research, and building on lessons from innovative practice that is being developed and applied in formal and informal education settings across the UK, the report proposes a guidance framework for practitioners, educators and policy-makers on how education and IAG can be developed and aligned to best support and empower young people to be active negotiators of their learning and work pathways.

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