Reimagining Rent innovators: QIQO

Around half of the 360,000 key workers in London – including the NHS staff who have been on the front-lines of the coronavirus crisis – cannot currently afford to live inside London. QIQO are developing and operating affordable shared housing for this massive yet under-served demographic, who are being priced out of living near where they work as a result of high living costs and low salaries.

Founder Michael Tsiagbe pitched to an audience of social investors at our Reimagining Rent Demo Day this year. To-date, QIQO have secured financial backing from a £1bn+ social impact fund, and are also finalising an agreement to bring a leading name in the Build-to-Rent sector on board. If you are interested in learning more about QIQO or supporting one of their affordable shared-living projects in London you can read more about them on their website or email them directly: