Embarking on a civic journey

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Supporting young people in the 21st Century 

Today, we are announcing a transformational two-year research project, with generous support from the National Citizen Service CIC. Rooted in a powerful belief in community activism, entrepreneurial spirit and the civic potential of young people, we will be working with Huddersfield and Sheffield Universities, to create a youth-led evidence base about when, where, and in what ways young people develop the knowledge, skills, and experience to become resilient adults and engaged citizens.

Although a range of age-related ‘civic’ projects and programmes exist in the UK, their potential role in supporting young people is limited by three factors:

  1. A lack of joined-up thinking or integration between and across the various investments
  2. A failure to focus on critical transition points or to develop the notion of civic momentum
  3. Thinking about what young people need has not been led by young people for young people

This research project will address these limitations head-on by supporting and training young people to co-design and co-produce – working with potential research users – a blueprint for an inclusive, flexible and future-focused civic journey.

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