What connects people in Leeds?

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How can we come together as a community to tackle inequality? And how can we make our shared hopes a reality?

The Young Foundation’s Amplify Leeds programme has been carrying out extensive research and community engagement to explore these questions. At a series of ‘Imagination Gardens’ events in Leeds we have invited local residents to engage with posters that showcase our findings so far and present common narratives about life in Leeds.

The narratives that are emerging touch on a range of challenges related to transport, access to services, physical and mental health, financial inclusion, housing and deprivation. But they are also distinctive because they uncover the unique and deeply-rooted strengths that are particular to Leeds: Being down to earth and motivated to connect with one-another; being a nurturing place where people care about one-another as well as the environment; and being a place where people recognise the value of everyday networks of sharing and exchange.

Our research and engagement is ongoing, and we invite everyone to share their thoughts and ideas via our Amplify Leeds website: http://www.amplifyleeds.org/. We are bringing together people who care about changing their city for the better and we are identifying new ideas that will help to make Leeds a more socially sustainable city in the future.

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