Finding gems in Northern Ireland

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Amplify NI is working on unearthing what inequality looks like in Northern Ireland, but we are also focussed on discovering the values and assets that the community here holds. There is something rousing about asking people what makes them proud of Northern Ireland, we are tapping into what makes this place special.

The Accelerator work through Amplify is dedicated to finding people and organisations who are innovating for social good, who are tackling inequality and who are basing their innovations on the values and assets of NI. We work alongside them to help them develop and grow their social impact through a taught programme, peer-learning, mentoring and coaching.

In our most recent programme, the Department of Social Development have funded the Young Foundation to facilitate a Scaling Accelerator – an Accelerator specifically targeting innovations which have already started to make an impact in order to help them scale.

We recently held open days for people to find out more information about what we were offering, one in Belfast, Derry/Londonderry and Enniskillen and what a turn out we had! In Belfast there was standing room only, highlighting the appetite that’s in this place for innovation. The range of people surprised me, it wasn’t just the ‘usual suspects’ but people who were doing amazing work in their locality and felt that the time was ripe for growth.

Out of those who applied, we gave places to fourteen projects and held our induction session yesterday – the room was buzzing! People were eager to learn about what each other were doing, already identifying potential partnerships and synergies. I am so excited for this cohort. We asked them to feedback their expectations of the programme to us – every group said they wanted to build their confidence. That amazed me. I was looking at everyone in the room in awe of their ideas and dedication – there’s great people in this wee place.

The Scaling Accelerator runs from now until March 2016 and is funded by the Department of Social Development NI. Here is a list of the amazing projects we are supporting in this programme:

  • TIDES Training
  • Relate NI
  • Phoenix ADHD Project
  • Children in NI
  • Specialisterne NI
  • Kinship Care NI
  • Employers for Childcare
  • Studio Souk
  • Habitat
  • Clare C.I.C.
  • NOW Group
  • INTU Global Shelter Ltd.
  • Educational Shakespeare Co.
  • Richard Good


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