Trustee Vacancy

Call for trustees (up to four positions)

Applications for this post will close on 31 January 2019

These are exciting times for us as an organization. Building on our rich history of ethnographic research and social innovation, we are working with our CEO, Helen Goulden, and her team to develop a new strategy for the organisation fit for today’s challenges.

We are looking for trustees who want to make a real contribution to this next phase of Young Foundation’s journey.

The mission of the Young Foundation is to enable the development of connected, more sustainable and stronger communities across the UK. In light of persistent inequality, long standing regional divides and the fractured politics that have emerged post-Brexit, our mission feels urgent.

We believe connected, thriving communities are the foundation of our society. They keeps us safer, happier and healthier – more resilient and able to face shared challenges.

Drawing on our long standing strengths as an organisation, we seek to deliver our mission by amplifying stories and the lived experience of people in communities, using this as a spur to drive locally-led
community action and enterprise. We use what we learn across different communities to spot national patterns of need and opportunity and then work with national partners to support new ideas to tackle these shared challenges at scale.

We are a small, highly committed Board with an open, collaborative style of working in the interests of the mission of the Young Foundation. We value the different skills and perspectives that each Board member brings and see our diversity of backgrounds as a rich asset.

We are looking to strengthen the Board at this important point in the organisation’s development and are particularly interested in individuals with the following skills and backgrounds:

– media and public relations;
– think tankers and opinion formers;
– social innovators and entrepreneurs;
– those with legal, funding, corporate or social investment expertise.

We are looking for up to four new trustees to bring the Board up to ten.

If you feel inspired by our mission and could make a contribution to our future development, we’d love to talk to you.

You can get in touch by emailing to arrange an introductory conversation before submitting a formal application.