Social Economy Alliance: Our Manifesto Mash-Up

The Young Foundation are proud to be part of the Social Economy Alliance, representing hundreds of social enterprises, co-operatives, charities, investors, entrepreneurs, trusts and associations. Continuing a tradition established during the last election we’ve once again put together a ‘Manifesto Mash-up’. It picks out the main promises in each of the main parties’ manifestos which can help build a truly inclusive economy. The mash-up is themed to correspond with the main sections of our own Social Economy Alliance manifesto.

About the Social Economy Alliance

The Social Economy Alliance brings together social enterprises, co-operatives, investors, charities and more. Our core members are CAN, Charity Finance Group (CFG), Co-operative Energy, Co-operatives UK, First Ark, Fusion 21, Impetus PEF, Locality, The National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), Social Investment Business, Social Investment Forum, Social Enterprise UK, UnLtd and The Young Foundation. Find out more at


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