Young Academy Accelerator – last chance to apply!

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There are just four days left to apply for our next Young Academy Accelerator for social ventures working in education! Jon Maiden, co-founder of Panjango, who completed the Accelerator in 2017, talks about his project and the impact of the Young Academy.

“We’re thrilled that the Young Academy is about to support its sixth cohort of social ventures and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to start or grow a venture that is tackling educational inequality.”

What does Panjango do?

Panjango is a world of experiential learning which connects learning to life and equips young people with the knowledge, skills and experience to find their purpose and fulfil their potential.

Our use of gamification and contextualisation brings learning to life for young people and raises aspirations, engagement and enjoyment of learning. It extends 1D learning (knowledge acquisition) to 4D (knowledge application, skill development and real world experience) to better prepare young people for the modern world of work.

What difference did the Young Academy make to our venture?

The Young Academy helped us to demonstrate and communicate our social impact and really moved us along in our journey to secure major investment. Specifically:

  • We doubled our reach to young people and schools.
  • We got a much better understanding of how to measure social impact.
  • We were supported by a financial mentor to increase the robustness of financial forecasting.
  • We got the opportunity to test our products in schools.
  • We secured grant funding and investment.

More about past Young Academy ventures

Many of the 52 ventures supported in the Young Academy’s first five cohorts have gone on to achieve impressive scale, addressing inequalities in the education system and improving the life chances of thousands of young people. As well as ventures like Panjango that have focused on improving careers education and employability skills, other participants have focused on:

  • New teaching and learning approaches
  • Increasing young people’s engagement in science and maths
  • Mentoring and tutoring programmes
  • Life skills, resilience and character development
  • CPD to improve teacher retention and wellbeing


Find out more about the Young Academy programme and apply now! Applications close at 9am on Monday 19th March.


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