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Young People in Community Business: A legacy report from the #iwill programme

Repository entry 1 July 2023

This report is the legacy of the #iwill project, funded by the Dulverton Trust in partnership with the #iwill Fund (a joint investment between The National Lottery Community Fund and Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport), and delivered by the Plunkett Foundation from 2022 to 2023 – to help community businesses engage, involve and …

Space for community: strengthening our social infrastructure

Repository entry 1 January 2023

The British Academy and Power to Change commissioned the Bennett Institute for Public Policy and the Institute for Community Studies to undertake two related research projects. The first of these explored examples of international policy interventions that aim to strengthen social infrastructure to draw out learning for UK policymakers. The sec…

Policy spotlight 1: How social infrastructure improves outcomes

Repository entry 1 January 2023

A report on the importance of neighbourhood-level social infrastructure in building strong, cohesive and prosperous communities.

You can find more reports written or commissioned by Local Trust here.

Community Assets

Repository entry 1 October 2022

The Welsh Parliament (Senedd Cymru) Local Government and Housing Committee undertook an inquiry into community assets, with a specific focus on barriers and opportunities for communities to acquire built assets for community use. The Committee explored how the statutory and policy framework encourages and supports the development of c…

Community Pubs – A better form of business 2022

Repository entry 1 October 2022

This research used mixed methods to look at the size, characteristics and performance of the community pub sector in the UK. This is the eighth of such reports, building on what’s known about the sector as it becomes increasingly established. It can be used as an information resource and benchmarking tool for pubs, funders and support organis…

Community Shops – A better form of business 2022

Repository entry 1 October 2022

This comprehensive publication looks at the community shop sector in the UK. It was first published in 2011 and has grown with additional information year on year. The report can now be used as a startup guide for new groups, a benchmarking tool for existing community shops, and is used by funders and support organisations to futureproof servic…

Reaching Further: Lessons for Funder Practice

Repository entry 1 October 2022

This report sets out eight lessons in funder practice from the work of Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales from 2018 to 2022. During the five years of their strategy Reaching Further, the collision of unprecedented social, health and economic crises brought both the strength and fragility of civil society into sharp focus – funders and…

The role of paid workers in supporting a community-led programme

Repository entry 1 August 2022

The Big Local programme aims to put more power, resource and decision-making in the hands of local communities. Most Big Local partnerships have chosen to hire paid staff, who support the delivery of Big Local in a huge variety of different ways.

This briefing is part of Local Trust’s research paper series, originally shared internally with st…

Lloyds Bank Foundation: 360 Giving Data

Repository entry 1 August 2022

This spreadsheet contains details of all grants awarded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation from 2010 until June 2020, formatted to the 360Giving data standard. The Foundation will continue to publish new grants via 360Giving biannually.

This spreadsheet contains details of all grants awarded by the Foundation from 2010 until June 2020, formatted to…

The role of HEIs in the climate action agenda

Repository entry 1 June 2022

This report considers the role of Higher Education Institutions in the climate action agenda. It explores how universities are responding to the ‘net zero’ challenge, how they are protecting and preparing places and communities from climate impacts, and how they might extend a ‘civic’ approach that works in partnership with other local …

The role of small grants in Big Local: scoping paper

Repository entry 1 May 2022

This paper aims to summarise what Local Trust knows about the small grants funds operating in Big Local areas. Research done in June 2020 found that 140 out of 150 Big Local areas were either currently running a small grants programme or had run one in the past. Small grants funds typically aim to provide money to groups operating at the grassr…

“We need a Right to Buy, not to try”: How more urban communities can take ownership of their pub

Repository entry 1 May 2022

This publication explores how and why more urban community pubs could be developed in urban areas, and the policy changes and support needed to achieve this.

The report considers the opportunities and challenges facing groups looking at community ownership of a pub in urban areas. It also reviews the policy landscape and operating environment …


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