Inclusive Economy Partnership

We are delighted to be delivering a new scale-up programme: BOOST. By unleashing the power of partnerships, this programme will provide organisations with proven solutions to one of three social challenges with the ‘boost’ they need to positively impact the lives of even more citizens across the UK. BOOST is delivered through a unique partnership... Find out more


Arts, culture and social impact: lessons on how to grow good ideas

In partnership with Battersea Arts Centre and with generous support from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, we’re pleased to be launching the Co-Creating Change Accelerator. Aimed at arts and cultural organisations with a track record of supporting social change, the accelerator is designed to enable initiatives to share, replicate and grow their work. Under the pressure... Find out more


Community Businesses and COVID-19

Funded by Power to Change, this Recollective Study on Community Businesses and COVID-19 seeks to better understand the ways in which the current Covid-19 crisis has impacted community businesses across the UK. Community businesses provide support to communities all over the country. They are at the heart of everyday life, which has radically changed over a short period... Find out more


UPLIFT: Understanding youth inequality

UPLIFT is an EU Horizon2020 project which aims to explore young people’s experiences of inequality in sixteen different cities across Europe/UK. Recognising that policies aiming to reduce inequalities are often ineffective, as they often do not capture the experiences of marginalised households, this project aims to develop a Reflexive Policy Agenda through participatory co-creation which places the voices and... Find out more


Community, COVID-19 & You: Ways to share your stories

Young Foundation launches UK-wide programme to understand the impact of Covid-19 on communities.  The coronavirus Covid-19 is radically changing the way we go about our day-to-day lives. It’s shifting where we turn for help and support and how we interact with friends, family and neighbours.  We are inviting you to participate in the largest UK... Find out more


Community Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis: Part 3 – Communities of Faith 

In the third instalment of this blog series, we will be exploring communities of faith in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. We will hear from my own dad, Richard Young – a Lay Minister at St Mary the Virgin Church in Witney, Oxfordshire, about the church’s response to the crisis. At the Young Foundation, we understand how churches and other faith institutions continue to play a vital role in promoting healthy communities across... Find out more

Our arts and cultural sector must be at the centre of the post-Covid19 recovery and renewal period. Find out how we…

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