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Come and join our fabulous research team! We are looking for a talented Senior Research Manager and have entry level research roles too. ...Equally awesome role in Comms too for someone keen to help us maximise our impact.

VACANCIES 👨‍💻 | We're on the hunt for brilliant people to join our team. Take a look at our live roles:

- Research Officer
- ...Senior Research Manager
- Communications and Design Officer

Apply via 👇

Could you help to drive research in your community? @SolentNHSTrust and @the_young_fdn are offering a paid opportunity, which includes and support, for community leaders.
Apply here:

Wray Irwin, Director for Enterprise and Employability @UniNorthants, says his university is "an integral part of the communities we serve."... But that 'social' role isn’t fixed. "It changes, and we need to decide, from a business perspective, what it means to us."

Celebrating 1,000 B Corps in the UK, Chris Turner @BetterBizAct, tells our Quest for the S audience: “There's a huge demand for ...businesses to join our movement, and the message is hitting home with the public." 1/2

Speaking at our 'Quest for the S' event @FionaCannon2 @LBGplc says ESG activity was once seen as something for businesses to do ‘on the ...side’. "We’ve moved from being an organisation with a purpose statement, to being a purpose-driven organisation. That frames everything we do."


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