‘Putting local people at the heart of policy’ 

9 July 2024 | Authors: Helen Goulden OBE, Jessica Moore, Jacob Coburn,

Could our new government bring opportunities to work differently? Introducing our organisation’s vision for a fairer, greener and more prosperous, community-powered future.

‘In this moment of hope, let’s change the ‘net zero’ narrative’

5 July 2024 | Authors: Emily Morrison,

It’s time to ‘humanise’ our understanding of the opportunity for green change and growth, says Emily Morrison

‘The infrastructure of opportunity’

5 July 2024 | Authors: Helen Goulden OBE,

Responding to Keir Starmer’s first speech as Prime Minister, Helen Goulden says government must work collaboratively towards a productive, caring and just society.

‘A chance to rewrite the rulebook and govern differently’

4 July 2024 | Authors: Jessica Moore,

Could this General Election deliver deep change in our political systems, and power a collaborative, community-powered future?

‘Politics and profits are blocking our path to more inclusive, equal workplaces’

26 June 2024 | Authors: Alice Bell,

Building on recent research, Alice Bell says policymakers and business-leaders need to talk, think and act differently on EDI.

‘Tougher policing won’t reduce knife crime’

23 May 2024 | Authors: Chelsea McDonagh,

If politicians are serious about addressing youth violence, they urgently need to work with young people, says Chelsea McDonagh

A five-point plan for a green and fair future

8 February 2024 | Authors: Emily Morrison,

Net zero transition must leave no one behind, says Emily Morrison – and our research shows how national policy can make it so

‘A community space, a pub, and better lighting in public spaces’

2 February 2024 | Authors: Leonie Taylor,

What do communities need? Leonie Taylor reflects on the realities of engaging local people in planning strategies and highlights the importance of peer research as a driver for change.

‘From incarceration to transformation’: creating homes for former prisoners

25 January 2024

Darryn Frost QGM says the Community Knowledge Fund grant awarded to his organisation was a catalyst for positive change, ensuring prison-leavers are seen, heard and housed.

‘If there is nowhere to go, communities go nowhere’

9 January 2024 | Authors: Helen Goulden OBE,

Reflecting on the Community Ownership Commission’s report, Helen Goulden says local people have huge ambition to create great places to live, work and thrive – and so should any government.

‘Raising our expectation of participation’

29 November 2023 | Authors: Helen Goulden OBE,

We launch our new five-year strategy at a time of great challenge and division, says our CEO, Helen Goulden – and everyone in the UK should experience the power of participation to affect meaningful change

‘The link between race and wealth is difficult to dismantle’ 

20 July 2023 | Authors: Amelia Clayton,

Dr Alessandra Radicati, Amelia Clayton and Sophie De Groot highlight a widening racial wealth divide across London through the cost-of-living crisis.


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