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One pandemic, many responses

Published: 2022

This is the third report from Local Trust’s research study exploring how 26 communities across England responded to the COVID-19 crisis.

It follows Strong than anyone thought, published in September 2020, which looked at the initial lockdown period and Now they see us, published in August 2021, which saw the communities adapting to a…

Big Local relationships with public agencies

Published: 2022

Local Trust commissioned this research to understand relationships between Big Local areas and the four most common types of public agencies they were connecting with: local authorities, housing associations, schools and health agencies.

The research will be of interest to public agencies and people working in communities who want to achieve l…

Residents in control: Community grants in Big Local areas

Published: 2022

The Institute for Voluntary Action Research was commissioned by Local Trust to undertake research on community grants. The research explored conditions for successful community grant making and the benefits community grants bring to Big Local areas.

While this report has primarily been written for Local Trust, it may also provide learning for …

The role of small grants in Big Local: scoping paper

Published: 2022

This paper aims to summarise what Local Trust knows about the small grants funds operating in Big Local areas. Research done in June 2020 found that 140 out of 150 Big Local areas were either currently running a small grants programme or had run one in the past. Small grants funds typically aim to provide money to groups operating at the grassr…

Volunteering and Big Local: Who volunteers in Big Local communities, what they do, and why

Published: 2022

Big Local is a resident-led funding programme providing groups of people in 150 areas in England with £1.15m each, to spend across 10 to 15 years to bring about lasting change in their neighbourhoods. In Big Local areas, resident-led partnerships identify local priorities and decide how the money will be spent in their areas.

This report is a…

The role of paid workers in supporting a community-led programme

Published: 2022

The Big Local programme aims to put more power, resource and decision-making in the hands of local communities. Most Big Local partnerships have chosen to hire paid staff, who support the delivery of Big Local in a huge variety of different ways.

This briefing is part of Local Trust’s research paper series, originally shared internally with st…

Together We Plan!

Published: 2021

This handbook offers useful approaches to support Big Local partnerships develop and plan their work during the COVID-19 crisis and future uncertainty.

You can find more reports written or commissioned by Local Trust here.

Power in Big Local partnerships

Published: 2021

This report is about the practice of decision making in a resident-led, place-based programme. It explores the operation of power within decision making, how decisions are made, by and with whom and in what contexts.

It considers how particular ideas gather appeal, how some voices are heard more than others, and how beliefs in ‘the right way…

Now they see us: Communities responding to COVID-19

Published: 2021

The study is based on primary data collection from 26 communities across England and a literature review. Over 500 learning conversations have taken place with members of the community, activists and workers, alongside interviews with Big Local reps (individuals appointed by Local Trust to offer tailored support to a Big Local area and sha…

Big Local and Community Economic Development

Published: 2020

Residents of many Big Local communities have been seeking to influence and improve their local economies. Community Economic Development (CED) is the process of economic development within a specific geographic area to benefit the community. At its core, it is about local collective action to resolve economic and social challenges identified by…

Stronger than anyone thought: Communities responding to COVID-19

Published: 2020

In the context of COVID-19 and public health-related lockdown measures, Local Trust commissioned a study examining how communities react to, cope with and recover from major crises. The study started in April 2020 and the first two phases are due to conclude in June 2021. It presents a unique opportunity to gain grounded insight into commu…

Developing potential lessons from community experiences of regeneration

Published: 2020

This report was commissioned by Local Trust to provide a resource for communities experiencing regeneration initiatives. It aims to bring together case studies and practical guidance to help ensure that communities are effectively involved in the regeneration process, to the benefit of both local residents and those designing and delivering fut…


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