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Models of Value that Community Organising Generates for its Adopters

Published: 2022

Over recent years, the principles and practice of community organising have proliferated across a range of organisations and sectors. Keen to understand the impact of community organising and its potential as a tool for communities to tackle local issues, Power to Change commissioned a piece of research in 2020 looking in-depth at the experienc…

Coordinating community business infrastructure

Published: 2021

As part of the ongoing evaluation of Power to Change’s market development work, this paper examines the strategic relationships between Power to Change and infrastructure bodies which support and represent community businesses. The work was completed by Rob MacMillan at the Centre for Regional Economic Social Research (CRESR) at Sheffield Hal…

Community business and collaboration

Published: 2018

# Preview | Download WP-2018-11-Community business and collaboration.pdf6MB Citation Wyler, Steve and Adjaye, Margaret (2018) Community business and collaboration. Working Paper. Power to Change. Authors Steve Wyler Margaret Adjaye Details Report type: Working Paper Publisher: Power to Change Location: England

Community business and collaboration: Case studies

Published: 2018

# Preview | Download WP-2018-11-CS-Community business and collaboration.pdf1MB Citation UNSPECIFIED (2018) Community business and collaboration: Case studies. Case Study. Power to Change. Details Report type: Case Study Publisher: Power to Change Location: International

We want to change and they have the power: Findings of Bristol BAME sector review

Published: 2018

The legacy of austerity and enduring underinvestment – which stems form lack of equity in funding and procurement – have left Bristol’s BAME-led sector wounded. Survival has become the key measure of success, and most organisations rely on tight budgets and depend on voluntary work in order to survive. This report presents findings o…


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