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Community business and the foundational economy

Published: 2021

This report looks at the role of community businesses which exist within the foundational economy (the range of goods and services that ensure places can function, and enables people in those places to thrive). With a focus on four places (Grimsby, Leeds, Leicester and Plymouth) this research offers insight into the democratising, empower…

The impacts of social infrastructure investment

Published: 2021

Social infrastructure can play an important role in supporting the levelling-up agenda in local areas. It creates institutions and physical spaces that foster personal relationships, civic engagement and social networks, leading to more cohesive and healthier societies.

Frontier Economics was commissioned by Local Trust to bring together exist…

Think Big, Act Small: Elinor Ostrom’s Radical Vision for Community Power

Published: 2020

Elinor Ostrom is the intellectual hero of the community power movement. She humanised the study of economics and politics and discovered what is possible, and the problems that can be solved, when we trust each other. In this new piece of work, New Local’s Dr Simon Kaye explores her ideas, and presents their lessons for the UK today.

Front and Centre, Putting Social Value at the Heart of Inclusive Growth

Published: 2019

The report titled “Front and Centre, Putting Social Value at the Heart of Inclusive Growth” by Social Enterprise UK, has found that local councils are increasingly using procurement to drive higher economic growth. It calls on central government, local councils and other public bodies to do more to use social value and put it at the front a…

Economic appraisal of community asset transfers

Published: 2017

# Preview | Download G-2017-11-Economic appraisal of community asset transfers.pdf19MB Author(s) Federico Bruni Robert Marks Stuart Newman Vyara Ruseva Citation Bruni, F., Marks, R., Newman, S. and Ruseva, V. (2017) Economic appraisal of community asset transfers. Practice Guide. Power to


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