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Stimulating and supporting innovation within your organisation & system – Health at The Young Foundation

Publication 20 March 2013

The bedrock of the NHS is currently shifting. The future stage has been set by huge structural changes, a need for massive savings, the necessity of working across partnerships and sectors, all combined with a renewed drive to truly put

The NHS and Civil Society – The Young Foundation and Health

Publication 20 March 2013

We believe that the NHS needs to access the strengths of civil society to do its job in the 21st century. To cope with the changing disease burden and growing financial pressures, the NHS needs to take advantage of the

Data and the patient – The Young Foundation and Health

Publication 20 March 2013

We believe the major issues facing the NHS cannot be solved without changing the way the NHS uses information. The NHS need to be more proactive, integrated, and patient centred, or it will crumble under the twin pressures of an

Noticing the Change – A Framework of Outcomes for young people in practice

Publication 19 March 2013

In July 2012 the Catalyst consortium published “A Framework of Outcomes for Young People” which makes the case for why social and emotional capabilities matter, and why funders, commissioners and investors should have more confidence in their value. The team

Doctor Know: A knowledge commons in health

Publication 13 March 2013

The Young Foundation and Nesta believe that the way knowledge is generated and applied in healthcare will change dramatically over the next decades, and has the potential to transform the way patients experience care, and how they make decisions about

Who is going to employ me? A resilience intervention for men

Publication 1 February 2013

In 2012-2013 The Young Foundation worked with Mind to develop a programme targeting the mental health of older men who are out of work. Our goal was to work with them to discover the best ways to help build their

The Social Design Methods Menu

Publication 30 January 2013

This document summarises the main approaches and methods developed over several years through teaching and supporting managers and entrepreneurs. It provides an introduction and manual for those looking for a new way to tackle social and policy issues, such as caring

Social frontiers: the next edge of social innovation research (call for proposals)

Publication 5 January 2013

Research papers for a major new international social research conference. This is a call for abstracts for research papers that go beyond the current state of knowledge on  social innovation, identify and address gaps in knowledge and generate hypotheses that

Rowing against the tide: Making the case for community resilience

Publication 1 December 2012

Community resilience is a term that is increasingly used in the policy sphere and yet there is a lack of understanding about what it really means in practice. With the long shadow of the recession still over us, and with

Improving pathways to employment in Loughborough Junction

Publication 5 October 2012

This report is a summary of interviews, focus groups, and surveys of stakeholders and residents of Loughborough Junction carried out by the Young Foundation between March and October 2012 with funding from JPMorgan. Our research aimed to understand and map

Move It: increasing young people’s participation in sport

Publication 1 October 2012

Levels of physical activity in the UK are in decline and sedentary lifestyles are increasingly becoming the norm. We face an epidemic of inactivity that is costing a fortune and threatens the health and wellbeing of millions. Inactivity constitutes a

Adapting to change: the role of community resilience

Publication 1 October 2012

Adapting to Change asks what it is that makes communities not just bounce back from adversity but thrive when faced with long-term challenges. This report, commissioned by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, seeks to build on this work, deepen our understanding


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