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Improving pathways to employment in Loughborough Junction

Publication 5 October 2012

This report is a summary of interviews, focus groups, and surveys of stakeholders and residents of Loughborough Junction carried out by the Young Foundation between March and October 2012 with funding from JPMorgan. Our research aimed to understand and map

Move It: increasing young people’s participation in sport

Publication 1 October 2012

Levels of physical activity in the UK are in decline and sedentary lifestyles are increasingly becoming the norm. We face an epidemic of inactivity that is costing a fortune and threatens the health and wellbeing of millions. Inactivity constitutes a

Adapting to change: the role of community resilience

Publication 1 October 2012

Adapting to Change asks what it is that makes communities not just bounce back from adversity but thrive when faced with long-term challenges. This report, commissioned by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, seeks to build on this work, deepen our understanding

Reducing crime: the case for preventative investment

Publication 30 September 2012

Ignoring the need for prevention can store up big problems for the future, whether the issue is health or criminal justice, homelessness or poor performance at school. But faced with austerity, the risk is that local services concentrate on making

Being Seen, Being Heard: promoting emotional wellbeing for children and young people

Publication 30 September 2012

This document sets out research and recommendations for a school-based approach to promote emotional wellbeing amongst children and young people in Buckinghamshire. It focuses on supporting schools and local agencies to promote mental health interventions to boost mental wellbeing of

The wellbeing and resilience paradox

Publication 1 September 2012

Wellbeing and resilience are linked: over time the quality of anyone’s life will depend on a certain amount of mental toughness. But are wellbeing and resilience two sides of the same coin or is it possible to be resilient but

Framework of outcomes for young people

Publication 1 July 2012

Young people are living, learning and negotiating transitions to adulthood and independence in an increasingly complex and challenging world, in which they face greater levels of choice and opportunity, but also unprecedented uncertainty and risk. This calls for empowered, resilient

An insight into the impact of the cuts on some of the most vulnerable in Camden

Publication 1 July 2012

By 2012, austerity measures across the country had been changing the shape and size of Britain’s public services for several years. National and local government were forced to make difficult decisions about which services to prioritise and which to re-shape

Invisible Men: Engaging More Men in Social Projects

Publication 1 July 2012

In a socio-political context including rising unemployment and the 2012 UK riots, men are increasingly facing crises but are more resistant to seeking help. Yet in spite of this, men are rarely considered to be a “target group” and all

Early learning from Big Local: An overview of evidence from the first 50 areas, July 2011 to March 2012

Repository entry 1 July 2012

Produced by the Community Development Foundation the Big Local early learning report is based on information collected by Local Trust and delivery partners between July 2011 and March 2012, and as such is based on information from the first 50 Big Local areas.

In it, the Community Development Foundation and the Institute for Voluntary Action R…

What are community studies?

Repository entry 1 July 2012

A short presentation on the definition and evolution of community studies by Graham Crow, Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Methodology at the University of Edinburgh.

Local 2.0: How digital technology empowers local communities

Publication 30 May 2012

Local 2.0 was a Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) funded project that aimed to learn how local communities can be empowered through social media and other digital technologies. Between April 2010 and April 2012 we supported communities in


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