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Valuing and enabling citizen science: lessons from the Citizen Science Exploration Grant programme

Exploring UKRI-funded projects, this report makes recommendations for future ‘citizen science’ research and funding design. 

The ‘ripple effect’ of participatory research

New research from the Institute for Community Studies evaluates UKRI-funded research projects, seeking to better understand the value and scope of ‘citizen science’  

Telling the whole story: why we must be open about the complexities of citizen science research

Dr Helena Hollis says support structures can be developed to build participatory research capacities for the future.

It was nice to see how everyone grew independently and, with teamwork, created their own stuff through their imagination, with the help of the [research team].”

A Citizen Scientist


Learning and sharing

Working with researchers and citizen scientists, the Institute for Community Studies supports learning from between these projects, and also with the wider sector. This includes sharing research and reflections, and curating events.

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