Novelist and journalist

Yvonne is a novelist, journalist and former chief leader writer of The Observer. She was the University of Sussex’s first political writer in residence, 2016-2017, and is chair of trustees of Women in Prison, seeking to innovate to radically reduce the number of women incarcerated and reduce re-offending. Yvonne is also an adviser to All About Trans, working to change the media’s view of transgender people and a member of the feminist Women’s Budget Group.

She is the author of The Young Foundation’s Grit: The skills for success and how they are grown (2009) and One Hundred Not Out: Resilience and active ageing (2012).

Along with Geoff Mulgan, she is the co-creator of  The Observer’s Britain’s Radicals that every two years seeks to find fifty individuals and organisations in the UK innovating to make a difference in society.


One Hundred Not Out: resilience and active ageing

Publication Posted on: 1 December 2011

Grit: The skills for success and how they are grown

Publication Posted on: 1 May 2009


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