Andrew Paterson works for Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) where, as part of Knowledge is Power and other programmes, he has been supporting community researchers to design and carry out their own community-led action research. He has a background in research and was awarded a PhD in sociology in 2010.


Leading the way: the benefits and challenges of supporting community-led action research

Day 1, 23 March, 10.15am

This session is co-delivered by Andrew Paterson and Laura Robertson



SCDC is a small charity recognised as the national lead body for community development in Scotland. It works with communities, practitioners and policy makers to build on their skills and ideas when working together in communities. Community-led action research is one of our key strands of work and can be described as an approach in which the community decides on the issue to be researched, designs and carries out the research, and makes use of the results. SCDC is involved in a number of programmes, including one with The Poverty Alliance, supporting groups to carry out their own research into and with their communities.


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