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Ideas, as well as people, now move more freely. We have put new models, drawn from other classes and other parts of the world, before the local people, creating new aspirations and new ideas.
Michael Young and Peter Willmott.
Family and Kinship in East London, 1957

Should birds of a feather always flock together?

Date: May 22 2013

Posted by: Lucia Caistor-Arendar

The RSA recently hosted an event called ‘Are diverse communities possible?’ where Zachary Neal,  assistant professor of Sociology and Global Urban Studies at Michigan State University, presented the potentially paradoxical relationship between neighbourhood integration and cohesion. This issue strongly resonates with the work we have been doing at The Young Foundation on community resilience. His... Find out more

Unlikely Takeover: A Third Way to Scale Social Enterprise

Date: May 17 2013

Posted by: Jon Huggett

When we try to scale social enterprise, we usually try one of two paths: growing small organizations or spreading ideas across a range of organizations to scale impact. One path less traveled is to leapfrog through converting a large business into a nonprofit social enterprise, which can more easily and effectively thrive and grow at... Find out more

My journey as a social entrepreneur: Reanaldo Belle

Date: May 09 2013

Posted by: Sophie Hostick-Boakye

The Young Foundation works with housing associations to help develop their in-house resources to support young entrepreneurs. Here Reanaldo Belle, an entrepreneur supported as part of our partnership with A2Dominion describes his journey from fashion enthusiast to running his own clothing line – and calls for more to get involved. I founded Original Since Manufactured... Find out more

Mainstreaming migrant social enterprise

Date: May 09 2013

Posted by:

Four years ago Lola and Sarah arrived in the UK homeless and with little English. Today they are setting up their own social enterprise. Now both fluent English speakers, they provide information, advice and guidance services to people in similar circumstances to those they had to overcome just a few years ago. When asked what... Find out more

Top Tips for Social Entrepreneurs: Learn from Your Peers to Win Work

Date: May 09 2013

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This is the third post in our Top Tips series on winning work from buyers and commissioners. (Never fear though; Top Tips will be back with lots more advice on other aspects of the business of social enterprise.) We’ve already talked about thinking logically and thinking creatively to win work. Now, we’d like to share... Find out more

Top Tips for Social Entrepreneurs: Think Creatively to Win Work

Date: May 09 2013

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This is the second post in our Top Tips series to address strategies for winning work from buyers and commissioners. The last post addressed how to use your own common sense to attack the problem logically and pragmatically, drilling down to focus purely on your proposal. For this post, we’ll be looking at slightly more creative,... Find out more

Tops Tips for Social Entrepreneurs: Think Logically to Win Work

Date: May 09 2013

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I’m often asked what the secret is to winning contracts and commissions. Of course there isn’t a magic bullet, but the solution we’ve found most effective is a mix of common-sense, imagination and drawing on the experience of others. This post, and the next two Top Tips posts will give three quite different but useful... Find out more

Money matters

Date: May 09 2013

Posted by: David Floyd

If you’ve attended a social enterprise event during the last year, you’ll probably be aware that ‘social investment’, which for ages was ‘the next big thing’, has finally become ‘the big thing’. Now everyone, from the prime minister downwards, is talking about it. Some love social investment, some hate it but many of its strongest... Find out more

No one wants advice, only collaboration*

Date: May 08 2013

Posted by: Tessa Hibbert

The news that the National Youth Agency are taking forward proposals to launch an Institute for Youth Work is hugely welcome.  Targeted at all those working and volunteering in the youth sector, the Institute will provide a common platform for youth workers to share and debate youth work practice,  further their professional development and provide a... Find out more