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Ideas, as well as people, now move more freely. We have put new models, drawn from other classes and other parts of the world, before the local people, creating new aspirations and new ideas.
Michael Young and Peter Willmott.
Family and Kinship in East London, 1957

Co-creation workshops across 5 cities

Date: April 12 2017

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Social innovation can be understood as innovative ideas which simultaneously are good for society and enhance society’s capacity to act. Through the experimentation work package of SIC, we are working with local partners, using the tools and methods of social innovation to co-create solutions to collectively defined local issues and challenges. We recruited 5 diverse... Find out more

‘Humanity at Work’: implications and policy outcomes

Date: April 05 2017

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        The Young Foundation, in partnership with Co-operatives UK, have created a joint set of key learnings that government and civil society can take from this model for the UK and beyond. We will be utilizing these proposals to influence the debate going forward on how to develop truly inclusive societies.

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Innovating for innovation: The rise of the regulatory sandbox

Date: March 10 2017

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In many fields regulation is there to keep us safe and encourage ethical practice but where high barriers to entry exist this frequently leads to limited market choices and poorer access to services. In order to deal with this issue regulators are increasingly experimenting with new approaches, including the development of regulatory sandboxes. What is... Find out more