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Ideas, as well as people, now move more freely. We have put new models, drawn from other classes and other parts of the world, before the local people, creating new aspirations and new ideas.
Michael Young and Peter Willmott.
Family and Kinship in East London, 1957

#3 What lies beyond the meritocracy? By David Goodhart

Date: September 17 2018

Posted by: Rachel Wilkinson

The final piece in our three-part series of guest blogs exploring what lies beyond the meritocracy? David Goodhart, journalist and author: Meritocracy is the worst system in the world for distributing status, responsibility and rewards, apart from all the others, to paraphrase Churchill on democracy. If one’s main priority is the efficient running of society,... Find out more

#2 What lies beyond the meritocracy? By Philip Collins

Date: September 13 2018

Posted by: Rachel Wilkinson

This is the second in our series of blogs exploring what lies beyond the meritocracy?  Philip Collins, columnist, The Times: The site of the most dramatic action of Michael Young’s The Rise of the Meritocracy is a clue to something that lies beyond the idea. The narrative concludes in a civil war when the downtrodden, who have been... Find out more

#1 What lies beyond the meritocracy? By Yvonne Roberts

Date: September 12 2018

Posted by: Rachel Wilkinson

To mark the 60 years since Michael Young’s seminal work ‘The Rise of the Meritocracy’ was published, we invited some writers and commentators to answer the question: What lies beyond the meritocracy? Yvonne Roberts, journalist, The Observer: It is the 60th anniversary of The Rise of the Meritocracy 1870-2033. Michael Young, Lord Young of Dartington, social... Find out more

Building sustainable communities: It is what you do – and the way that you do it.

Date: September 12 2018

Posted by: Victoria Boelman


What does sustainable community mean to you?  Is it one where everyone recycles? With a community orchard and plenty of green space to play?  Or perhaps a town powered by renewable energy and clean air, where people walk and cycle to work, school and shop. At the tail-end of one of the hottest British summers... Find out more

Myths for an age of political polarisation

Date: August 09 2018

Posted by: Victoria Boelman


Want to change the world? Then what you need most isn’t facts; it’s a really great story. So I argued in a book called The Myth Gap (summary here), which came out last year in the wake of the Brexit referendum and the US election. Donald Trump and Nigel Farage had hardly triumphed thanks to... Find out more

Local solutions to loneliness and social isolation

Date: July 19 2018

Posted by: Isabel Young


In this blog, Isabel Young, Programme Manager for Communities at The Young Foundation focuses on loneliness and social isolation as issues that can be tackled locally; tapping into the strengths, stories and motivations of people interested in developing community-led responses to foster to increasing social connections.

Find out more