The ‘15-minute neighbourhood’ concept is a radical new way of shaping how communities work.

The premise is that residents should have easy access to the things they need to lead a healthy and fulfilling life – including shops, parks, healthcare, gyms, schools, libraries, theatres and more – within a 15-minute walk, cycle or journey on public transport from their home. 

Waltham Forest Council is pioneering this approach in the UK, with developments around travel, community hubs, libraries and cultural venues all delivering against the vision. 

The work continues. Earlier this year, more than 1,200 residents in the London Borough took part in a survey, sharing what they feel is important to their health and happiness locally – and how accessible those things are.  

The Young Foundation is now working with the Council and local people to build on those responses, conducting research via flexible online research missions and group workshops. 

Richard Harries, Director of The Young Foundation’s Institute for Community Studies, comments:

“Through Covid, many people developed a new appreciation for the shops, amenities and green spaces that had always been on their doorstep. This is a time to build on that, and we’re delighted to be working with residents in Waltham Forest, sharing ideas and insights that will help the Council shape their community’s future for the better and support their neighbourhood to thrive.”

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Video credit: Waltham Forest Council

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