This report is the second part of a study to understand the impact of the national and local changes to benefits and services on some of the most vulnerable residents in Camden.

In the first year in 2012, we found that although many of the cuts and changes were still to come, the impacts of the recession, welfare reform and the rising cost of living were combining to present a significant and cumulative set of challenges for the most vulnerable in society. The families we spoke to were starting to feel the impact of the changes and felt under pressure. Disabled people and carers were also finding it challenging to adapt and were worried about what future changes would mean for them. Many young people we spoke to felt angry and did not feel they had any options, while others were responding with increased determination. All were worried about what the future held. Yet despite this, we also found evidence that some communities were pulling together and showing great resilience, supporting each other through tough times.

In 2013 we wanted to revisit some of the communities and residents we met last year, as well as hear from new voices across the borough. To see what they had to tell us.

Economic precarity

Posted on: 10 December 2013


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