The Realising Ambition consortium, of which The Young Foundation was a part, produced a series of 12 Programme Insights rather than writing a long evaluation report at the end of the five-year programme.

In our ninth Programme Insight, we combine previous analyses by considering the costs and benefits of delivery within Realising Ambition.

In this briefing we describe what cost-benefit analysis is and why it is important for service delivery organisations, funders and commissioners as well as set-out our approach to cost-benefit analysis. We then present the findings of this analysis and some reflections from Realising Ambition. The programme insight also introduces the concept of ‘break-even’ analysis, which can be carried out when the evidence of impact for a given service is not sufficiently robust for a cost-benefit analysis, before drawing out conclusions and implications for policy and practice.

Posted on: 30 June 2017


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