Responding to and building on the Levelling Up White Paper, The Young Foundation today launches an eight-point plan to turn policy into real change for ‘left behind’ areas.

Following the government’s blueprint to address inequality in UK communities, our report proposes action to work ‘radically differently’, involving local people and communities to drive meaningful change. 

The report is authored by our Chief Executive, Helen Goulden. She says: ‘Levelling up’ is only possible when local people and communities have a profound sense of ownership over their own story for change.” 

Developing key themes from the white paper, The Young Foundation’s report calls for a diverse, inclusive, just and green approach that empowers citizens and directly benefits local people.

Goulden concludes: “At The Young Foundation, our evidence shows that we need to involve people and communities more closely. Without working radically differently across sectors, disciplines and boundaries, ‘levelling up’ is simply not possible. 

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Posted on: 14 February 2022 Authors: Helen Goulden OBE,


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