We are building a network to bring people who are interested in and involved with peer research together. It is a friendly space to connect, share ideas, discuss best practice, and collaborate on new work. Members will also be invited to events and seminars.

Are you a peer researcher?

This pathway is for people who currently work, have previously worked, or would like to work in peer research. As a member of our network, we can connect you with people and organisations who fund and commission peer research, linking their research needs with your expertise and community insights. Select

Do you work with peer research?

This pathway is for those who fund, commission, train, support, or use peer research. You may be in academia, the public sector, or the private sector. We have a network of more than 100 peer researchers all over the UK, and can connect you to people with the specific expertise and experience you need Select

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Community research

We are a not-for-profit tackling societal issues with a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach.

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Involving people from diverse sectors to shape game-changing initiatives.

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