Adira Andlay

Senior Researcher

With a specialisation in co-design and citizen engagement, Adira leads a range of mixed-method research projects, from community-led social innovation to supporting peer research training. She has a multidisciplinary background in design research, social innovation and visual communication.

Adrian Brown

Boston Consulting Group

Alice Bell

Senior Researcher

Alice joined The Young Foundation in 2020, having previously gained experience as a Government Social Research intern. She is enthusiastic about exploring innovative and inclusive methods to involve diverse communities in impactful research.

Alice Lemkes

Civic Scholar

Alice studies multiple disadvantage and is interested in critical, participatory, transformative research approaches, as an ESRC-funded PhD scholar at Leeds University.

Alison Macklin

Community Advisory Board

Alison uses her skills and knowledge to represent the rural communities she’s connected to, sharing their insights and concerns with those holding influence to make significant change. 

Alveena Malik

Co-Founder and Director, One Million Mentors

With twenty years’ experience working on social justice issues, Alveena is co-founder and director of One Million Mentors, working with technology to transform the process of mentoring for all.


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