Framework of outcomes for young people

Published: July 2012

Authors: Bethia McNeil, Julia Rich, Neil Reeder

Young people are living, learning and negotiating transitions to adulthood and independence in an increasingly complex and challenging world, in which they face greater levels of choice and opportunity, but also unprecedented uncertainty and risk. This calls for empowered, resilient young people, who play an active role in navigating these paths.

Supporting the development of young people’s underlying social and emotional capabilities is a strong theme in the Government’s Positive for Youth strategy, which encourages a stronger focus on early help to support all young people to succeed.

Many services play a vital role in building young people’s social and emotional capabilities, through the process of personal and social development. While many service providers have powerful examples of lives transformed, they have struggled to provide ‘harder’ quantitative evidence of the difference that their services make, and to articulate the value that they produce for young people and for society more broadly.

This Framework of Outcomes for Young People is designed to highlight the fundamental importance of social and emotional capabilities to the achievement of all other outcomes for all young people.

This Framework will help to address the key challenges in measuring impact on the lives of young people – strengthening and creating greater awareness of the evidence base and leading to greater coherence in language. It will support progress towards a future in which providers are confident and able to evidence their impact, and commissioners are confident to supplement their focus on reducing negative outcomes with an equal or stronger focus on commissioning for positive and sustained personal and social development, which evidence shows is fundamental to young people’s current and future wellbeing and success.

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