Going green and beating the blues

Published: December 2009 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Mandeep Hothi, Dr Marcia Brophy, Nicola Bacon

All over the world communities are grappling with two different agendas: on the one hand how to make their areas environmentally sustainable; on the other how to promote the wellbeing of local residents. Sometimes these agendas reinforce each other. But sometimes they clash.

This discussion paper explores ways in which local government can use practical initiatives that support wellbeing as a way to encourage local residents to be more green. It is based on a review of activities in three very different parts of England – Hertfordshire, Manchester and South Tyneside – and discussions with a number of local government representatives and environmental sustainability experts.

This work came out of the Local Wellbeing Project, a unique initiative working with three local authorities to test out practical ways of improving wellbeing.

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